Jan 23, 2012

Well Hello There!

So . . . hi!!  I don't know if you remember me, but I used to blog here.  It has been quite some time since I have posted and I do apologize for being gone so long; life got a little crazy with the new job and the holidays, and I just needed some time to foucs on those things.  I sure missed you all and I so appreciate all your sweet emails and comments, checking in - it meant a lot to know you missed me too! 

A quick update for you - we had a great Christmas in Idaho with my in-laws, our beautiful twin neices were born January 7 and work is going really great!  I am still trying to figure out how to juggle a full time job, commuting two hours a day, life and the blog, so I'm not quite back for good yet, but I at least wanted to give an update and let you know I am alive and let you know I plan on getting back to posting regularly again soon!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that your year is off to an amazing start!  I leave you with a couple of my favorite inspiration photos of the moment and the promise that I won't be gone so long this time!

Dec 5, 2011

Break Time

                                                                           Source: pixdaus.com via Tap on Pinterest

I am taking my holiday vacation a little early and will be taking this week off from the blogging world.  But don't worry, I will be back to our regularly scheduled programing next week - I just need a little break to recharge the batteries and catch up with the rest of life.  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a wonderful week and I will see you next Monday!!

Dec 2, 2011


Blue polka dot skirt with blouse
{Top, Sunglasses, Necklace, Bracelets - F21; Skirt & Clutch - Thrifted; Shoes - Aldo}
** Get a similar look, each piece under $50: Top, Skirt, Shoes, Clutch

Friday's are definitely more exciting and take on a whole new meaning when you have a job, versus being unemployed and pretty much everyday is Friday.  It is such a great feeling to have a relaxing weekend ahead, filled with Christmas shopping and catching up on blogging.  (Sorry for slacking the past couple weeks, I am still trying to get the hang of balancing everything!)  There is nothing better than a care-free yet classy Friday outfit, with polka dots, pumps and a ponytail to put you in weekend mode and get you ready for two days of relaxing activities.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to catch up with you in the next couple days!

White blouse with polka dot skirt

Navy polka dot skirt outfit

White red and blue outfit with polka dots

Navy polka dot outfit

Dec 1, 2011

New Kids In The Closet

Clear crystal necklace
{Clear drop crystal necklace from F21 on sale!}

I put myself on an unofficial shopping ban about a month ago, since I needed to focus on buying things for other people, rather than myself for once.  But I was a little naughty and did sneak in a couple 'Christmas presents' for myself . . . but only because they were such great deals, and it really would have been a sin to pass them up!  I have mentioned before that I have been trying to branch out more with my color and style selections, and was proud of myself for not defaulting to my normal black or basic, boring shapes.  I have been keeping an eye out, as always, for some fun little details that really make an item stand out, and I love the cut-outs in the shoes, the chunky chains of the necklaces and the sassy prints of the blouses. Here is a little sneak peek at some of the 'new kids' in my closet, that will definitely be getting lots of play time in the very near future.

Just Fab high heels
{Just Fab heels}

Printed blouses
{Thrifted blouses}

Green and gold chain necklace
{Necklace from Target on clearance!}

Nov 30, 2011

Craving Color

Aqua blouse with royal bluse skirt
{Necklace - F21; Blouse - Thrifted; Belt, Skirt - Express; Shoes - Bamboo}
** Get a similar look, each piece under $54: Blouse, Skirt, Shoes, Necklace ($98)

I have somehow gotten myself stuck in this rut of wearing only black, white and gray this past week, and have found I am in desperate need of some serious color.  I tried to stay as far away from neutrals as possible, and I love the effect of pairing different shades of the same color family, then throwing in a little extra pop with a contrasting color and some leopard print.  This definitely did the trick and brought me out of my neutral coma . . . for the moment at least!

Royal blue pencil skirt

Blue color blocking outfit

Blue outfit with blouse and skirt

Royal blue pencil skirt outfit

Nov 29, 2011

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wish List

My wish list this Christmas is all about staying warm and cozy; with chunky knits, yummy scents and things to do inside that are even more fun when snuggled up next to the fire.  This time of year always rekindles my love for plaid and Fair Isle prints - especially in red and navy - they are just perfect for the winter holidays and have this way of immediately put me in the mood for hot chocolate and Christmas carols.  Playing games, watching movies and reading are my favorite things to do (besides shopping!) during the holidays, as they are great ways to have some family fun or relaxing quiet time.  And as soon as the cooler weather hits, I trade in my light summer scents for cinnamon, pumpkin and rich, spicy candles, so the house smells like Christmas morning every day!

Here are some things on my wish list this year:
- Forever 21 Heart Knitted Beanie, $8.80
- French Connection Raindrop Pom Pom Mittens, $31
- Merona Toggle Fair Isle Cardigan Sweater, $30
- Merona Fair Isle Cardigan Sweater, $25
- Monopoly Vintage Book Game, $21
- Old Navy Faux-Fur Trim Sweater Boots, $12
- The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set, $32
- Forever 21 Chunky Knit Scarf, $14.80
- Voluspa 'Maison Rouge-Pomegranate Patchouli' Scented Candle, $27
Danesfort Boot Socks, $22
- Juicy Couture Plaid Cotton Flannel Pants, $29

Nov 28, 2011

Stripes On White

gray black and white outfit
{Tank - Target; Scarf - Old Navy; Sweater - H&M; Jeans - F21; Bag - Aldo; Shoes - Speed Limit 98}

** Get a similar look, each piece under $90: Tank, Sweater, Jeans, Shoes, Bag, Scarf

Even though it really has not been that cold here, I still have this burning need to bundle up (and then sweat to death) in scarves and chunky sweaters.  I picked up this sweater at H&M a few weeks ago and it has become my favorite thing to throw on over just about anything since it is so cozy and comfy.  The only problem is, it makes me want to just stay in my comfy lounge pants and slippers all day, so to keep from looking like frump girl, I have to be sure to class it up a bit with heels and fitted bottoms.

White jeans with gray sweater

Gray sweater with white jeans

Gray sweater with white jeans outfit

White jeans with black and gray