Mar 25, 2011

Blown Away

{Top, clutch, jewelry - Forever 21; Jeans, shoes - Old Navy; Belt - Express}
I think I found the new "Windy City" - Lancaster, California.  Sorry Chicago, but you've got nothin' on this place.  There are approximately 363.235 days, on average, of wind a year.  (My own statistic.)  We're not talking a slight breeze, or a little gust of wind here and there, but a constant 20mph (at least) wind blowing ALL DAY LONG!  One great benefit I have found from this incessant wind is that I no longer need a hairdryer.  The wind does a better job drying my hair than I ever have!

Another thing that blows me away are these jeans.  I have the hardest time finding pants that actually fit because a.) I am ridiculously picky, b.) apparently I am shaped like a mutant and c.) I always seem to fit perfectly right in between two sizes - one too big, the other too small.  You can imagine how thrilled I was to find these jeans at Old Navy, where I usually have the worst luck with pants.  They are the perfect length and rise and are just stretchy enough, not to mention they don't bulge or bunch in weird places.  So there you have it, I guess the wind is good for two things - perfectly blown hair and perfectly fitting jeans.


  1. Beautiful accessories! They go perfect with the black&white outfit.


  2. Love your blog! Cute pics :) You better stock up on those perfect jeans, because the next thing you know they'll be putting out a new style. I hate then when you find something you really love and then they discontinue it!

  3. @ Anik - thank you!!
    @ Julie - I know!! That always seems to happen to me too - finally find something I love and they discontinue it!

  4. Love the entire outfit, especially the shirt!Very chic!!!

  5. @ Chiccastyle - thank you!! :)

  6. You look wonderful! Super Handbag!!


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