Mar 31, 2011

Simple, Yet Sweet

{Top, jeans, jewelry - Forever 21; Sunglasses - Franco Sarto; Shoes - Aldo}
Whenever I have to get ready in a hurry, which is . . . every morning, I look for something simple yet sweet to throw together, since I usually only have about 4.6 seconds to get dressed (the snooze button was the greatest invention EVER).  Sweet, because I love all things girly and feminine, and simple, mostly because my brain likes to sleep in until about 2pm, so the fact that I even realize the need for clothing at that hour, is a huge accomplishment.  This outfit is a good example of my "no-brainer" - a cute, comfy top, boyfriend jeans, big hoops and ridiculous heels.  It says, "I'm sweet but serious, girly but gutsy and sexy but simple."  Ok, so maybe that's not what it says to you, but that's what it says to me.  Hey, they're my clothes and they answer to me, so they'll say whatever I want 'em to say.
Now for something completely different, pay no attention to the background of these pictures - the back yard is our big project for this summer, we are just waiting for the weed killer to wear off before planting.  Once we get it looking more like paradise (or at least plop a couple plants in) I will do a post to show all our hard work.  


  1. I love your shoes!! Beautiful blouse! You look great

  2. those shoes are the bee's knees


  3. Lol!! Thank you Christine!!! ;)

  4. I love this outfit! The shoes and the blouse are great.

  5. this outfit is great! love those jeans - they look like AG. i was shocked to find out they were F21!

  6. @ Tucker - thank you! I know, I love finding great stuff at F21!!

    @ Andrea - thank you!!!!


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