Mar 24, 2011

Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Growing up in Alaska, spring was my least favorite season.  It meant mud up to your elbows and puddles the size of Australia.  In other words, spring was messy and dirty . . . not exactly "pretty" in my book.  However, since moving to Southern California, spring quickly became one of my favorite seasons.  It's such a fresh time of year with all the flowers and trees blooming, the temperatures warming up, the days getting longer and the promise of sweet summer scents filling the air in just a few short months.  It feels as though you can finally break free of your winter cocoon and embrace life with renewed energy and hope.  The only thing that could make this time of year any more beautiful, would be the perfect spring wardrobe.  Escape the winter doldrums with bright colors, lots of florals and engraved silver jewelry.  Here are my favorites:
 1.  Topshop Red Anemone Print Jersey Dress $60
 2.  Forever 21 Aztec Etched Cuff $6.80
 3.  OPI My Chihuahua Bites $5.25
 4.  OPI California Raspberry $4.99
 5.  Delia's Floral Chiffon Tank $34.50
 7.  Topshop Twist Lock Clutch $50
 8.  Aldo Kegerries $50
 9.  Topshop Floral Knot Back Vest $50
10.  Forever 21 Engraved Hoop Earrings $3.80
11.  Topshop Engraved Swirl Ring $15
12.  Topshop Tangerine Pleat Shorts $60
13.  Forever 21 Sunglasses $5.80

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