Mar 29, 2011

Things I'm Loving: Rainbow Bright Colors

{Rainbow colored sweaters}
Yes, my closet is this freakishly organized.  I know, I have issues.  But my closet is my shrine so I take every effort to keep it pretty and pristine.  My personal opinion is that when it comes to organizing colors, the best technique is to follow the colors of the rainbow because this order seems to be the most pleasing to the eye.  Up until about four years ago, my wardrobe consisted of basically black, white, blue and purple; I rarely wore any other colors because I did not think I could pull them off.  Then, finally tired of the "same old, same old," I slowly started to introduce more colors in to my life and realized how fun it was and that I actually felt happier to strut my stuff in color!  Now, as you can see, I can't get enough of rainbow bright colored clothing and accessories and I don't plan on that changing any time soon.  In fact, the more I stare at it, the more I love it!

{Drawer full of rainbow colored tank tops}

{Rainbow colored bag collection}

{Rainbow colored shoe collection}


  1. Love the Organization! I do that myself (most of the time).

  2. thanks for visiting my blog :) i actually have the green version of that yellow aldo purse you have! it was lime green and I loved it but it broke eventually because I used it so much!

  3. @ Veronika - I love mine too and I've had to give it a break for a while cuz I'm afraid it will wear out!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!! :)

    @ Mrs Spanglish - thank you! And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person in the world that does that!! :)


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