Apr 5, 2011

Beauty Bit: L'Oreal Youth Code

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{Walgreens.com, $24.99}

Since I have reached my later twenties, I have been trying to find the perfect moisturizer for my in-between stages skin (not adolescent, not quite mature).  I still battle the issues of my younger years, but I am now starting to see the beginnings of some delightful wrinkles developing around my eyes, telling me that I am not getting any younger.  And on top of all this, I have super sensitive skin.  After trying many different lotions and potions, I saw a commercial for the L'Oreal Youth Code and decided to give a whirl.  As it turns out, it is almost my dream cream!  I say almost because it does not have SPF which is essential for my fair skin.  But the texture is great - it is not heavy or greasy and soaks right in to your skin.  I felt the difference right away; my skin felt even softer and smoother and I even saw a few lines disappear.  It has been so gentle on my sensitive skin as well.  I have been so happy with this cream, I am looking forward to trying out some of the other products in this line now - next up, the eye cream for those pesky crow's feet!  So until I find the Fountain of Youth, I would highly recommend the Youth Code Day/Night cream as an excellent alternative.

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