Apr 9, 2011

Date Night

{Dress, clutch - F21; Necklace - Downtown LA; Bracelet - Aldo; Shoes - Cathy Jean}
I will use any excuse in the book to get all dolled up.  Seriously, any excuse.  A trip to the store for toilet paper or going to fill the car with gas is an event, not a chore, and I will be there with bells on.  And by bells, I mean my highest heels and a sassy dress.  I have always loved playing dress up, as seen here, and now that I have real make-up and real dress up clothes (as opposed to Tinkerbell lipstick and sagging 80's wedding dresses), it is even more enjoyable.  The cherry on the top is actually having somewhere to go and someone to go with; case in point, date night.  My formula for deciding what to wear on date night is to mix equal parts classy and casual, then add one part sexy and one part girly.  For instance, if you have a fancy dress, pair it with flats or more casual jewelry and loose braids.  Or if you have dynamite shoes or accessories, wear jeans and a simple top with sexy bedhead hair.  This dress pretty much defines my formula as it is the perfect combination of sexy, casual, classy and girly, but I wanted to keep it more on the classy, casual side since we were just going to dinner.  You can tweak the formula depending on where you are going; you may want to be more casual if you are bowling or more sexy if you are going to a club.  The only exception is if you are attending a formal event, then forget everything I just said and by all means, deck yourself out!  But above all else, no matter where you are going, make sure you are comfortable and make sure you are in good company!


  1. You look beautiful! Wonderfully shoes and skirt!!

  2. The dress is adorable! Love that it is from F21! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a follower of yours now!

  3. Seriously, what beautiful photos! Sadly, I will use any excuse to dress up as well!

    Haha. You look amazing!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. this outfit is so sexy and effortless. of course it helps that you are so gorgeous and have the perfect figure!


  5. You look gorgeous! Nice look, and sexy!


  6. Hey Girly! Thanks for being a fan of my blog! I am totally in love with sequins and this skirt! I need one now! Lol


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