Apr 13, 2011

Easter Dress Hunting

Easter Dresses

It is that time of year again that all little girls love so dearly, yet hate so fiercely - Easter.  They love it because of the Easter egg hunts and chocolate overload, but hate it because it means mom has to dress them up in the most frilly dress ever along with the lacy socks, hat, gloves and purse to match, and naturally, all these accessories are quite inhibiting when racing around trying to find all the eggs.  Although in my case, I just plain loved it, chocolate and pretty dresses - could it really get any better?  When it comes to Easter dress hunting, I look for pretty pastels and beautiful bouquets, and of course big bows and sweet details like ruffles, lace and scalloped edges.  It needs to be fresh and light and cheerful and something that does not require tiered lace bloomers underneath or white patent leather Mary Janes.  The last thing that I look for in the perfect Easter dress, is that it is flattering on, even after eating a seven course meal topped off with some chocolate stolen from the baby's Easter basket - don't worry, she wasn't going to eat it anyway, she doesn't even have teeth yet.
Here are some of my Easter dress picks:
1.  Delia's Chiffon Bubble Dress, $49.50
2.  Miss Selfridge Peach Ruffle Dress, $52
3.  Modcloth Teatime Traditions Dress, $62.99
4.  Modcloth Across the Pond Dress, $159.99
5.  Modcloth Truth or Lime Dress, $169.99
6.  Topshop Creamy Pansy Border Print Dress, $72
7.  Topshop Open Back Bow Dress, $112
8.  Modcloth Midday Meadow Dress, $54.99


  1. i like number 2,3, 8!

    are we following each other?? I always follow back! i love the feedback! = )

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  2. oh thank you so much! i'm your new follower!

    keep in touch!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  3. Wow those are all so gorgeous. My favs are 3, 4, 6, and 7! Good luck picking!


  4. Thank you!Of course I'm following you!:)


  5. #4 is soooo adorable!



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