Apr 18, 2011

Harem Pants

{Top, pants, bracelet - F21; Hoops & Belt - Express; Scarf - H&M; Heels - Speed Limit 98}
Oh yes, it is the controversial harem pants.  Or "pirate pants" as some may say.  I am not going to lie, it took me a while to even start to give them a second glance; they are just not the most flattering type of clothing you can wear.  But then after seeing a few pictures of different ways to style them, I not only came to terms with harem pants, but decided to be brave and give them a try.  The one thing I can say for these pants is, they are ridiculously comfortable.  I still admit they are not as flattering as a good pair of jeans, but they do come in handy on days that you need a break from tradition.  The key to keeping harem pants from looking like saggy sweatpants is to be sure and define your waist and dress them up a little, either with fancy shoes or accessories.  I would also recommend starting with a slimmer fit if you are skeptical, as they are not quite as intimidating.  I think harem pants will always remain one of those debatable articles of clothing, like shoulder pads or neon mesh crop tops, simply due to the fact that the flattering factor is in question.  Maybe if harem pants were mixed with jeans to create "jerems," in the same way "jeggings" were designed from combining jeans with leggings, the issue of fit and flattery would be solved.  Or quite possibly instead of resolving the issue, it just might end up creating the next big fashion controversy.  Either way, I will still wear my comfortable, little gray pirate pants with pride until the day they die.


  1. These look amazing on you!

  2. You actually look GOOD in these! My short self could never pull these off LOL! I love that the outfit is generally casual but you've got those killer heels on!

  3. Really nice way of combining the harem pants, really on treng dear! nice look!


  4. Cute outfit! Love the grey and purple together

    x FashionFifth

  5. They look great on you! That scarf is to die for! Great blog! New follower over here! :

    xo//Andrea Marie

  6. a very nice outfit! it looks great!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  7. I love they way you styled them! I'm still on the fence about this trend myself but it looks very good on you.
    also, thanks for stopping by my blog. loved yours and following!


  8. Love the outfit! And your blog! I've been reading through your older posts and I'm completely jealous of your shoe collection. And your photos are beautiful!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Can't wait to catch up on more of your posts!


  9. The harem, that bold shot of color...You look springtime ready hun...loving the spotted detail to boot!

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    Happy Monday!


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  10. You look lovely in the harem pants! I've always been too apprehensive to purchase a pair. Though I find they look good on a lot of girls, I feel that my style isn't easy going enough for me to pull them off. I remember trying a pair at H&M last year and looking absolutely ridiculous. I also LOVE the sky high heels!


  11. That pants fits very well on you!!! and most of all...nice shoes!!! :)
    i'm following you now..do you like to follow me back?

  12. I really like the way your pants look with the shoes. Those shoes are a MUST.

  13. beautiful! I love everything you are wearing in this post!

  14. you look gorgeous! I really like your blog and I'm your new followers ;)

    greetings from

  15. Love your pants, and the belt rly highlights it! awesome choice :)
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  16. wow really hot!! love the outfit

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    Fashion by He

  17. You're got some great calves girl! Love the harem pants! :)

    XO, Katie

  18. Wondeful post! Lovely pants!
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    kisses ;DDD
    Glamour Marmalade


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