Apr 1, 2011

Needing NOW: Floral Shorts

Floral Shorts

I have plenty (according to my husband) of floral dresses and skirts, but alas, no floral shorts.  I know, it's so sad. - what has my life come to?  I feel this huge void because I do not own a pair of floral shorts.  (That's not really true, I'm just being dramatic and trying to play the sympathy card.)  So I am on the hunt for the perfect pair.  They need to sit on the waist (no low riders) and be fuller in the leg, so more along the lines of a skort.  Floral shorts are the perfect transition piece from spring to summer and from summer to fall.  For cooler days, wear them with knee socks and a blazer or baggy sweater, and for scalding hot days a simple tank will do; either a cropped, loose tank or a form-fitting tank tucked in.
Here are some of my current contenders:
1.  Forever 21 Floret Print Shorts, $14
2.  Jades 24 American Vintage Shorts Red Tsarine, $210
3.  Topshop Multi Floral Print Scallop Hem Shorts, $75
4.  Forever 21 Floral Woven Shorts, $9.50
5.  Topshop Black Daisy Print Silk Shorts By Boutique, $70
6.   Modcloth Mulberry Tea Shorts, $55


  1. Floral shorts are too cute!!

    Monique xx

  2. Forever 21 is always great for a cheap knockoff!
    Thanks for your sweet visit :)

  3. i've always been so apprehensive to buy floral shorts, mainly cause i can't make them myself. haha!

    but they're definitely in my must-have list!


  4. Great post ! I would like to have a pair of those as well and I can't agree with you more when you say "no low riders" ! Actually high waist pants fit me better ! Keep up the great work with your blog.


  5. Great floeal prints!

  6. Hehe, thank you =) I am now a proud follower of your website ! Hugs from Italy xoxo


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