May 11, 2011

Bit Of Home: Sneak Peek

{My nightstand}

When we first moved in to our new home, just over a year ago, I had so many different ideas as to how I wanted to decorate and felt overwhelmed with all the possibilities.  I knew I wanted to keep more of a modern feel but beyond that I just was not sure what I wanted to do.  I am still constantly making changes and will probably never be fully satisfied with everything; and knowing me, most likely I will want to completely re-do the whole house within six months.  But for the moment I am happy with our little castle and wanted to share just a peek of some of my favorite spots throughout the house.  There is definitely more to come, but since I am a perfectionist I want to get some more work done before a big debut, not to mention scrub the house from top to bottom.  So until then, I will be sneaking peeks at everyone else's home decor for more inspiration.  Now it's your turn - what's your decorating style and where do you look for inspiration?

{Kitchen canisters}

{Entry console table with my book collection}

{Cheery guest bedroom}


  1. The pics from your house look great! love the yellow accents on the guest bedroom!

  2. clean & classy home.. :)

    feel free to follow back!

  3. I love the clean lines of your decorations - very simple, yet chic - love it!

    My home decoration style is very modern.

  4. Love the detail touches you have put throughout with the flowers and pieces on your console table. Very cute.


  5. love the yellow pillow...the books...and the canisters ;)

  6. Great photos! I love home tours. More! More! :) I like the hint of yellow. It adds a pop of color and brightens up the room. Great job decorating!!!

  7. I love the guest bedroom colors, crisp white/yellow/black combination, its gorg!

    xo Lynzy

  8. I like this; lovely details! :-)

  9. i just came across your blog and i love it!! im always looking for fashion/recipe/interior design blogs and im loving your style.

    follow each other??

  10. WOW.. you definitely have a great taste..
    Gorgeous guest room
    lee x

  11. i really love your canisters, sweet touch<3

  12. i love the kitchen canisters!
    i want more pictures!! you look like your good at the whole interior design ;)

  13. Beautiful...I want to see more. :-)


  14. Love your home. I am obsessed with touches of black in home design.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls


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