May 9, 2011

Trend To Try: Tribal

Tribal Trend

If you have not jumped on the Tribal Trend Train, then it is high time you do cuz you are missin' out.  This trend is perfect for summer as it is easy, casual, comfortable and colorful - all good things in my book.  As with any trend, especially if it is one you are a little leery of, give it a little test drive with something small like a bangle or two. Instead of wearing just flip flops with your jean cut-offs and white tee, opt for leather sandals embellished with color and feathers.  Then try adding a tribal print scarf or feathered jewelry and guess what my friend, you are now onboard!  When you are ready to embrace this trend with full force, go for a tribal printed maxi, add your feathered jewelry and sandals, and grab your fringed cross-body bag to complete the look.  Great details like intricate beading or stitching and accessorizing with more natural elements (like feathers and wood) are key in this trend.  With such fun colors and patterns, you have to give it a try - you can't go wrong!
Here are some options to get you started:
1.    Topshop Red Suede Fringed Eyelet Bag, $60
2.    Forever 21 Beaded Mosaic Clutch, $24
3.    Topshop Tribal Maxi Dress, $110
4.    Modcloth Good Luck Tree Earrings, $11.99
5.    Topshop Black Cross Stitch Sleeveless Shirt, $55
6.    Aldo Lampe, $60
7.    Forever 21 Navajo Woven Scarf, $6.50
8.    Forever 21 Etched Tribal Bracelet, $4.80
9.    Forever 21 Ethnic Woven Skirt, $13.80
10.  Forever 21 Basketweave Bracelet, $6.80
11.  Forever 21 Bold Boho Necklace, $9.80


  1. I love this trend. I love the different prints, it makes any outfit interesting!


  2. I am loving the tribal flair! The clutch and skirt are awesome!!

  3. yup, im diggin this trend and basing my entire holiday wardrobe on it.
    love the topshop shirt!

    thanks for sharing some great items

  4. I like the skirt & dress & scarf! Although tribal isn't really my kinda style, some 'touches' of tribal will do for me :)

    New post up on my blog

  5. Nice set, thanks for your comment!

    New outfit on:

  6. nice clothes
    i love 9.

    New outfit post, maybe you can take a look?

  7. I like this trend - but not too much, but like a bluse paired with a low key skirt and such. :-)

  8. I adore numbers 2,6, and 7; great finds! :- )


  9. Aww the little clutch bag is awesome!
    Great job :)


  10. I really like both the bag and the maxi dress. Topshop does the tribal trend proud!

  11. Hi Sherry thank you for your lovely visit! Love the tribal trend, that fringe bag is awesome!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!


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