Jun 15, 2011

Bit of Beauty: Cheap Thrills

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I am really not one to experiment much with my make-up; when I find something I love, I will use it 'til death do us part.  For instance, my Lip Smackers strawberry lipgloss I have been faithfully using for eight years - no, not the same tube all that time!  It gives the perfect amount of shine and barely a hint of color, plus it smells delicious; can't beat that for $3!  However, I have been feeling the need to shake things up a little with my make-up routine, especially now that summer is here, I have been wanting to wear more color.  But I am apprehensive about shelling out some serious moolah for a fleeting trend or for something I like in the store and then see its true colors when I get home.  Enter: my cheap thrills!  I have been testing my little whims out, like bright pink blush and lipstick, but with the less expensive brands such as Wet & Wild and E.L.F.  These are great brands to do trial runs with trends you are not so sure about, without seeing a huge dent in your wallet.  Same thing applies to perfume; if you are not ready to commit to a lifetime supply, see if they have a sample size that gives you plenty to try and make a judgement.  One of my favorite finds is the Milani Brow Fix eyebrow kit - when I made the switch from pencil to powder, I started with this cute kit from Target to see if this was a change I really wanted to make.  It comes with 2 powders plus a highlighter, little tweezers, an eyebrow brush, a sponge applicator and a magnifying mirror, all for about $7; talk about a thrill!
Here are some of my other favorites and they are all under $10:
- Lip Smackers Celestial Strawberry lip sparkler
- ELF Blush in Pink Passion
- Milani Brow Fix in light
- Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom
- Wet & Wild Silk Finish Lipsticks  in Light Berry Frost and Hot Paris Pink
- NYC In A New York Minute nail polish in Lincoln Square Lavender, Manhattan & MoMA


  1. Ooooh how fun! I'm going to have to try some of those out! I actually have NYC Uptown (kind of a cute Pepto-y pink!) on my toes right now! :)

  2. I can't wait to see how these colours will look on you! I am sure it'll look great and I know the feeling of spending some serious money on department store cosmetics only to find it looking not as you expected! Have fun and that blush packaging looks like Nars!

  3. I have started buying more "cheap" makeup as well and I'm loving it! It's nice to know you don't have to spend tons to look good ;)

  4. Awesome deals! I've never tried that little Milani compact before...maybe it's time for a switch...Been using $1 Wet n' Wild pencil (later filled with powder) for my brows...gotta keep the maintenance to the lowest minimum to save up for shoes! Ahhh, so tough being a chick man, boys just don't understand ;D

    Thanks for all your sweet and sassy comments hun...Much appreciated and much love back to ya!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. LOL!! I'm with ya!! Shoes are way more important than eyebrows!! ;) Thanks so much for your comments!! :)

  6. Yeah, I agree - most of the cheaper stuff works just as good anyway!! :)

  7. Yeah, I've been let down too many times now and stick with the less expensive stuff when I want to try something new!! :)

  8. :) Those are my new favorites!! Great colors and so cheap!!!! :)


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