Jun 9, 2011

Rave Reviews

It seems like I am usually the last person to find out about things, especially when those 'things' happen to be cool new websites.  I am sure that is the case once again with these websites, but I am going to share anyway, on the off-chance that there is somebody else besides me who needs the inside scoop!

* StylePage - This is a great brand new website for sharing inspiration photos, whether you are a blogger, designer or photographer; it is a fun place to showcase your style, network and satisfy your fashion cravings!  This is the "place to connect with other fashionable people".

* Pinterest - This is another awesome website to check out if you need to get the creative juices flowing.  It is not just for fashion, but includes interior design, food, fun quotes and just all around great photos!   It is the "place to catalog the things you love".

* Polyvore - Imagine having your own virtual closet . . . an unlimited virtual closet where you can put outfits and inspiration boards together all day long - well that is exactly what this site is!  You can also ask the Polyvore community for styling advice and get answers within minutes and check out other people's sets to get some great outfit ideas!

* Adore , Lonny, Rue and High Gloss - These are all online magazines about home decor/interior design and all things glamorous.  With fabulous home tours and fun finds, these are the magazines you want to check out if you want to re-decorate, re-organize or just stare at pretty things!

* Jessica Illustration - I don't know about you, but I have a severe weakness for fashion sketches/drawings and would wallpaper my house in them if I could.  I came across some of Jessica's work on Facebook and fell head over heels for her illustrations and paintings.  I have been staring at her Etsy shop trying to figure out what piece I would even get and it is entirely impossible to decide - I want them all!!

Well, that's all for now folks, but as I come across more websites that you can't live without, I will definitely be sharing!  I leave you with these pictures of Duke, or "Master of the Universe," as he prefers.  Yes, that is his tail in my face, as he is in my bed and on my pillows - just the way he likes it.  Like I said yesterday - he wears the pants in this family!


  1. I can never get enough of pinterest. I could pin all day long!
    xo Lynzy

  2. Thanks for links.... I am having so much fun.
    Duke is adorable my [Chow/shepherd mix] Andy, also gets into my be, only spot as soon as I move from there, I guess its "our spot" now.


  3. Lol, oh yeah, it's addicting - way more fun than gambling ;)

  4. Lol!! Dogs are so great! As soon as either the hubs or I get out of bed Duke is curled up in our spot "just keeping it warm"! Lol!!

  5. Thanks for the links! Some of them are new to me!

    That last photo of Duke is hilarious! Our black lab, Molly, refuses to sleep on our bed. I wanted our dog to sleep with us, but it's probably for the best! : )

  6. Thanks for the website ideas! Your "master of the universe" has a really long nose :) Makes him that much cuter!

  7. Whew, then my job is done! ;) Lol, Duke thinks he owns the bed (along with everything else in the world) so he refuses to NOT sleep with us! Can't stand it tho cuz he takes up the whole bed and gets hair everywhere!!

  8. Lol! Thanks!! Yeah, that picture totally makes his face look funny!! Can't resist that face!! :)

  9. looks like you've found some stellar websites! i'm on a pinning break (lol)...i'd lose track of time and be on pinterest for the full hour of my son's nap and wonder what in the world happened (dishes most definitely did not get done;) But Pinterest is fantastic!!! I especially love it for the home decor :)

    PS - thanks for entering and being up for the pay it forward challenge! :)

  10. Thanks for the links. Some of these are new to me.
    Duke is absolutely adorable. I'm a sucker for cute dogs on blogs. :)

  11. I am ALWAYS the last to know about things.. I just got a pinterest account.. and by just.. I mean, an hour ago.. haha.

    I can finally join the cool kids club. Yes.

  12. Awwww...I love dog photos! (Was there a memo about this that I didn't get? Everyone seems to be doing pet photos.) Your pooch is so cute...looks a lot like my little furry baby. Maybe I'll show her off sometime soon...


  13. Aww, thank you!! :)

  14. LOL!! Well then welcome to the club!! You'll be addicted to Pinterest now! Say good-bye to all your free time! ;)

  15. Yay! Would love to see pictures of your sweet puppy!! :)

  16. Heyy thanks for ur comment on my blog..

    What are u lookin for in a foundation and what's ur skin type?

  17. loads and loads of cuteness!



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