Oct 27, 2011

Special Shopping Code!!!

I am so excited to give you, my readers, a special shopping code for Lonnys!!!  They contacted me last week and they would like to offer a special discount just for Sweet and Sassy fans since you guys are just so wonderful!!  Lonnys is a New York-based retailer and they just recently launched their website, so you are getting in on the ground floor here!  They carry all the hot brands like Alice + Olivia, Elizabeth and James and Free People, and many more!  Plus, they have great features on their site like the Trend Report and a gorgeous Lookbook with fantastic outfit ideas!  And if that's not enough, Lonnys gives back, as they team up with quite a few different charities and have helped raise money for hospitals and Breast Cancer Research and also collect donations for Clothes4Souls!

So your exclusive shopping code is SWEETANDSASSY (enter at checkout) and it will not only get you 20% off your total order, but also free shipping!!!  So happy shopping and I would love to see what you end up getting, so feel free to either post pics on my Facebook page or email them to me!!


  1. They have GREAT stuff! Thanks Sherry!!! How long will this discount code last?


  2. Yay!! You're welcome! It's good for a month - so till Nov 27 :)

  3. Sweeeeet! I'm definitely going to be buying some things after the one month of my challenge is over...had NO idea how hard a shopping ban would be! :( Never again!

  4. Lol!!! Oh gosh - there is NO way I could ever do that!!! I can't even ban myself for a week!!!! LOL! Good for you for sticking to it!!!


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